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Welcome to DanceWorld.com

DanceWorld.com is a FREE online store and dance studio management system focused on making life easier for both dance studios and students. Handle class registrations, studio communication, recital planning, and even selling studio dancewear from one simple online portal, for FREE. DanceWorld.com is loaded with simple tools so everyone can spend more time focusing on their true passion – dance.

Our Mission: Providing studio owners the tools necessary to run an organized and successful dance studio.


Want to sell dancewear merchandise and make a profit with no upfront costs and no need to keep inventory at your studio? Whether you’d like to sell hundreds of items, or just a few favorite dress code styles, DanceWorld.com makes it easy to set up your own online studio store. And yes, it’s all FREE!


Run an extremely organized and successful studio using our FREE online studio management system. Class enrollments, online tuition payments, and communications with parents are all a breeze with intuitive tools designed for busy studio owners.


At DanceWorld.com it’s easy as pie for dance students to stay informed about class schedules, dress codes, costume requirements, performances, and tuition payments. Search for your studio above and get started!

More than 150 Brands

BlochBodywrappersGaymor MindenHarmonieMirellaRussian Pointe
BunheadsCapezioGiamiaHeart and SoulMondorSansha
CharlottDance PawsGKLacey SchwimmerMotionwearSo Danca
DanshuzDanskinGo GoLeosNatalieStephanie
Double PlatinumFreedGottaflurtMariiaPerfect BalanceSuffolk Pointe
FunkydivaGambaGrishkoRay RoseTheatricals


Here are some of the great features and tools available at DanceWorld.com

Online Studio Store

  • Set Up Your Store
  • Set Your Pricing
  • No Transaction or Hidden Fees
  • Create Class Dress Codes
  • Manage Costumes
  • 100+Brands to Choose From

Studio Management

  • Set Up Classes
  • Online Class Registration
  • Communicate with Students
  • Manage Studio Documents
  • Create Reports

Student Resources

  • Find a Studio
  • Find Dress Codes
  • Buy Dancewear
  • Get Recital Information
  • Manage Your Class Schedule
  • Make a Tuition Payment

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